Cavity Barriers

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 Compartments in the form of cavity barriers may be required to inhibit the spread of heat, smoke and fire within horizontal and vertical sealed spaces. These cavity fire barriers are typically required within ceilings and roof voids in order to prevent the spread of flame and smoke in a fire situation.

National Building Regulations require that cavities and concealed spaces in the structure or fabric of a building are subdivided by means of cavity barriers to prevent smoke and flame from penetrating and/or moving within a concealed space in a fire compartment. This is of major importance since many buildings have lots of concealed cavities and voids within the roof, floors and walls.

Cavity barriers are generally required to provide a minimum of 30 minutes integrity (although this can increase to 120 min) and, depending upon the size, location and the insurance requirements, from 30 to 60 minutes insulation. They must also maintain their performance over the life of a building, taking account of any building movement due to subsidence, shrinkage or thermal change.

There are lots of systems that have been developed to maintain the required compartmentation of structures. Many of these systems can provide a quick and cost-effective solution however it is vital to get the correct solution for the job in hand.

Fire Barrier are fully qualified to assist you with all of your cavity fire barrier requirements.

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