Service Penetrations

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Penetration SealsModern buildings are packed full of services, cables and wires. Where these services penetrate fire resisting elements of the building there remains a weakness in the fire protection for that building. These penetrations must therefore be correctly sealed in order to maintain the buildings fire resistance levels.

There are many factors to take into consideration when finding the correct solution to sealing service penetrations. Every service passing through fire resisting building elements reacts differently when there is a fire. There is therefore no single solution or product that can be used to effectively protect all service penetrations.

Important criteria to take into consideration when determining the correct solution are: The fire resistance period required

  • Is the penetration in a wall, floor or a linear gap? e.g. Pipes in a floor will not necessarily behave in the same manner as those in a wall in the event of fire so different fire stopping solutions may be required.
  • Is movement required for vibration or thermal expansion?
  • What mechanical strength is required i.e. is it to be load bearing?

On top of these factors the size of the opening, the actual penetration service in question, flexibility of the seal, the ambient conditions, the design life and whether it needs to be smoke or gas tight also have to be taken into consideration.

Fire Barrier Services use their expertise to offer the correct solution for the service penetration in question ensuring your fire stopping needs are met.

Fire Barrier Services are approved with all leading manufacturers, some are listed below:


Fire Protection Association

Quality Marks and Accreditations

ISO 9001:2000 Accredited Quality Assurance - Construction Line - U.K. Register of Qualified Construction Services. Reg. No : 9415