Durable Board Systems

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In general durable board systems have a high impact resistance and good tolerance to  moisture in semi-exposed situations. The thickness and construction of the board varies the amount of the fire protection so it is important to get the right specification for the application in hand.
Durable board systems such as Promat's VERMICULUX® Encasements, PROMATECT®-250 and  British Gypsum's Glasroc F provide a durable high level of fire protection of up to 4 hours. Factors that can affect the performance of the chosen solution are:

  • type of steel and it's failure temperature
  • size, orientation and shape of the steel
  • steel location
  • competence of the installer

It is therefore important to get the correct solution for the application in question and FireBarrier, with it's extensive experience in the passive fire protection industry can help. Firebarrier adheres to the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASPF) Code of Practice and is certified with FIRAS
Firebarrier are approved fitters of durable board fire protection from all of the leading manufacturers including but not limited to the following:

  • promat
  • rockwool
  • british gypsum
Fire Protection Association

Quality Marks and Accreditations

ISO 9001:2000 Accredited Quality Assurance - Construction Line - U.K. Register of Qualified Construction Services. Reg. No : 9415